Newsletter #2 2021-2022

Newsletter #2 2021-2022


Intenational Day of Women and Girls in Science

Talk about IGCSE's by peers

Nursery and Reception

Year 3 - Study of a fruit

Year 3 - Rock detective

Year 4 - One point respected project

Ski trip Andorra 2022

Year 6 - Science Study Scrap Books

Year 1 and 2 - Science experiments

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

The 11th of February was the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, and to commemorate this day we hosted a talk from the research team of the Universidad Politécnica, Grupo Isom on the topic of «Graphene. From Argelia to Madrid: our Ph.D. travel discovering graphene for a Sustainable World» undertaken by four Argelian female researchers.

It was a great event in which a representation of students from Mataespesa and La Florida Montessori Schools, learned about Argelia and the product graphene. It also included a workshop session with a quiz for which winners received a lovely prize from our speakers and the Universidad Politécnica of Madrid.

 «Graphite, a fascinating element introduced by four brilliant women. Not only interesting but engaging as well, a conference concerning Ph.D. projects which opened my mind to a new and undiscovered possibility for an advanced ecological world. A bright introduction to a new and futuristic form of energy allowing the world population a safe future. Interactive and extremely didactic, the perfect way of celebrating woman and girls day in science. Thank you!» Jimena Garcia Y10 student.

Overall a great opportunity to extend our knowledge in this relatively new substance, share experiences and learn.

Great thanks to Grupo Isom and Universidad Politécnica of Madrid.

Talk about IGCSE’s by peers

Today students in Year 12 from our sister’s school in Mastaespesa shared with our Year 9 and Year 10 students their experince with IGCSE’s. Our students were greatfull for the knowledge shared as they themselves are embarquing in this process.

«The perfect opportunity to hear first hand igcse tips, experienced and responsible students from our sister school from Mataespesa gave us the pleasure to ask any questions answered consciously and thoroughly. For us, the first opportunity to discuss with someone from our perspective, fellow students who have just gone through the exams, portraying us all a message of hope, the so needed push to keep it up.» Y10 Student.

Nursery and Reception

February has been an exciting month for Nursery and Reception. The children have learned about Black History month through jazz music. They have created musical collages and discovered new instruments while enjoying the rhythm and sounds of jazz.

The class has also celebrated Chinese New Year learning songs and crafts. They decorated lanterns and learned to write ¨Good Luck¨ in Mandarin, Fu. Additionally they painted dragons to welcome the new year. The children enjoyed books and songs celebrating the important holiday.

Finally, the children discovered new parts of their community. They learned about different modes of transport and how to move via water, land or air. They have also started to learn about different community helpers and their role.

Year 3 – Study of a fruit

Year 3 in Art are studying fruit, looking at detail, form and colour.  This week we have been exploring with the use of Manley’s where we have been looking at layering colour in order to show depth and detail.  In the following weeks we shall continue to explore the theme of fruit through the use of different media, such as water colours and creating miniature 3D models.  Fruit has never been so interesting!

Year 3 – Rock detective

This term in Science Year 3 are studying rocks, looking at formation, the cycle and properties.  This week we had the opportunity to explore, observe and analyse rocks from our personal collection and our garden.  Observations and thoughts were shared and carefully recorded.  This was an exciting activity that we all loved and will be part of our larger individual rock projects which we are all extremely excited about creating in order to show all the knowledge we are accumulating!

Year 4 – One point respected project

In year 4 art class, we are looking at how to create space through the illusion of perspective. Our first lesson was a step-by-step guide to creating cubes of ice using one point perspective.

The second stage of our one point perspective project was to turn the cubes into houses which could be decorated.

We then changed our subject from drawing houses to landscapes, using different objects to create a vanishing point. The class followed a step-by-step tutorial until enough confidence had been gained and each student could independently create pictures from their imagination.

As the students in year 4 gained confidence in the approach of one point perspective they began creating different pictures which were inspired by research.

We began to employ the technique of one point perspective on other types of graphics such as letters, words and names.

Ski trip Andorra 2022

The ski trip was a great opportunity to provide our pupils with a stimulating learning activity outside the classroom. It was a wonderful experience for us all. Every day we saw our group of young skiers develop their skills on the slopes. From green to blue to finally tackling the red pistes! Exhausted but still keen to continue “apres ski” fun we went bowling, shopping, dancing… and we definitely improved our social skills. We can´t wait to start planning for the next ski trip.

Year 6 – Science Study Scrap Books

Doing science projects helps children develop their resourcefulness. It particularly promotes their skills at goal-setting, planning and problem solving.

At Montessori we nurture intellectual curiosity, helping children acquire new ways of asking questions and understanding the world.

Below you can see examples of children´s work aimed at achieving these objectives. Children create their own Science Scrap Study Books to revise the different units covered this term. All examples of work are different and very creative.

Year 1 and 2 – Science experiments

Year 1 and 2 have being learning about states of matter and reversible and irreversible changes. Science experiments are definitely children´s favorite way of exploring science concepts.  Through experiments numerous objectives are achieved:

  • Experiments provide the children with new opportunities for Independent development. Children begin to assist the teacher to perform the experiment until they are finally able to perform them without supervisión.
  • They require controlled movements and to make observations patiently.
  • Children acquire new science vocabulary.
  • Children learn how to make predictions and conclusions which are a crucial part of the science process and central in our curriculum.

We still have many more experiments to be done throughout the rest of our academic year. We can hardly contain our excitement, we will keep you posted!

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