Integrated PSHE


PSHE, an acronym for Personal, Social and Health Education, is an important part of our curriculum at Montessori School.  An increasing body of research has illustrated how children who are emotionally healthy, achieve better at school.  Therefore, at Montessori we have not only integrated PSHE within our subjects but we have allocated regular PSHE time.  In Infants and lower Key Stage 2 this time is daily, in order to support children on their learning journey.  In the case of Upper Key Stage 2 this time is allocated throughout the week according to the needs of the individual child within the class.

In Year 3 children have been working on a Positive Power display which children write positive descriptions every couple of weeks about their classmates, this is done in the shape of pants linking it to the book they are reading in class, Captain Underpants.  In Spanish, children have been writing about what qualities a good friend should have again making cross-curricular links between subjects and PSHE.

Therefore through the explicit and implicit teaching of PSHE at Montessori school, we are aiding our children to achieve their full potential by supporting their wellbeing and tackling issues that can affect their ability to learn.  Learning is an intricate journey, where each child is supported in every manner personally and through delivering a carefully balanced curriculum.